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Hope everyone is keeping safe during this lockdown. Best thing is – we’re knocking out the tracks!  Check out our newly dropped on our music page or online!

DYS-N-EAF would proudly like to Announce that our tracks: Life Is in Your Hands and Never Gunna Give Up has successful been distributed to every radio station in Australia. We pray that anyone one caught up in addiction or finding them self in a hard place right now will find breakthrough today 😎

About Me

Wayne Alexander, aka Disen, is an emerging hip hop artist whose life is a story of second chances.
Growing up in a town called Toongabbie, in Sydney’s west, Wayne ran with a lot of good mates who were headed down the wrong path – and started dabbling with alcohol and drugs at a young age. This led to a massive drug addiction that took him into all the wrong places.
Getting kicked out of school in year 8, Wayne started doing crime to feed his drug habit, which resulted in a lot of time behind bars. In and out of juvenile detention as a teen, he then “graduated” at age 18 to prison, doing time on many occasions between ‘99 and 2003.
It was in prison in 2002 when Wayne found faith, and began to change on the inside. After his release in 2003, he walked away from his old ways and started a brand new life.


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